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where you will find full listings of wedding suppliers and local wedding fairs in your area. Also listed are money saving offers from a selection of suppliers.

Our aim is to provide you with as much information about local wedding companies as possible because we recognise that you may want to find suppliers within your area first and foremost.

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Weddings around Cambridgeshire, Weddings around Bedfordshire & Weddings around Suffolk

Wedding Companies advertising on BeMyBride cover all the wedding suppliers you may need to fulfil your wedding day expectations. BeMyBride lists suppliers of wedding venues and wedding receptions, wedding accessories, wedding hats, wedding makeup and beauty treatments, wedding dress and bridal gown stockists, wedding catering, wedding catering equipment hire, musicians, entertainers, discos and DJ's, wedding florists and wedding flowers including table decorations, ice sculptures and fireworks, wedding hairdressers, wedding accessories such as tiaras, wedding shoes and bags, wedding jewellery, marquee hire, Grooms wear morning suit hire, mother of the bride dress hire, wedding planners, wedding favours, wedding gifts, wedding guest outfits, wedding photographers and wedding videographers, wedding cakes and confectioners, wedding transport including wedding cars, horse & carriage and limousines, wedding civil venues and wedding receptions, toastmasters, wedding stationery including wedding invitations and guest books and travel agents who can help book your honeymoon. BeMyBride gives information on hen and stag activities and ideas within the local areas as well as wedding fairs and exhibitions and money saving offers from particular wedding suppliers. BMB